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We offer a comprehensive cleaning service, which includes the following:

Pool Opening and Closing

Openings, which can be done as early as April, include reassembling the equipment, removing and storing the winter cover, testing the water and adding the start up chemicals, and the initial pool cleaning.


Closings, usually done in the month of September, include cleaning the pool, testing and adding the closing chemicals, winterizing the equipment, putting on the winter cover.


Regular Service
We clean your pool once a month, twice a month, or once a week. Our cleaning includes vacuuming the bottom of the pool, netting the surface, emptying out the pump hair strainer pot and skimmer baskets, testing and adding the appropriate chemicals, brushing the walls of the pool, and backwashing the filter.

Acid Treatment for In-Ground Plaster and Gunite Pools
The best way to deal with discolored plaster is an acid treatment. It is less expensive than re-plastering the entire pool. We wash all of the plaster with a mixture of water and muriatic acid. This process eliminates the tough stains and yellowing of the pool.

Filter Cleaning
This job requires opening the filter and rinsing down all the grids and the inside of the filter. We then check every grid carefully to make sure there are no cracks in them and no debris is being returned to your pool.

Algae Removal
It can take between two days and two weeks to remove the algae, depending on the type and extent of the algae infestation. We shock your pool with high levels of chlorine (Dy-chlor II) and algaecide (Algamycin 2000) to kill and break down the algae in your pool, leave the pump running to filter the water and improve clarity, and vacuum the remaining dead algae that settles to the bottom out, leaving your pool clean and safe.

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